Our Instructors


Registered Physiotherapist  – Vancouver

Joanne McBrinn graduated from The Northern Ireland School of Physiotherapy. Following internship she worked as a Senior Physiotherapy in the Neurosurgical and Trauma Unit at Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast She was the Senior Physiotherapist in Intensive Care at St. Pauls Hospital Vancouver for seven years during which time she was also a Clinical Teacher at UBC School of Rehabilitation Joanne worked for four years at The Columbia Center for Pain Management and in 1990 opened a private practice in Vancouver. She joined Dr Chan Gunn in1996 on the opening of The Institute for the Treatment and Study of Pain where she worked clinically,  as well as with the development and delivery of the GUNNIMS teaching program. At present she is at the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine centre practicing IMS and helping to coordinate the UBC Gunn IMS Program.

Joanne earned her Bachelor Science ( Rehab) from UBC in 1983, is certified by the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada and in Gunn IMS. She is a certified Gunn IMS instructor . Presently  Joanne is a member of CPA, PABC and AFCI.

Lorrie Maffey, BMRPT, MPhty, Dip Manip PT, FCAMPT, Cert Sports Physiotherapy Canada, GunnIMS, Certificate of Medical Acupuncture)

Registered Physiotherapist – Calgary

Lorrie is a clinical orthopaedic and sport physiotherapist who enjoys assisting people to reach their maximal physical potential, be that recovery from injury or optimizing athletic performance. Lorrie sees clients in the private community and also consults for the Canadian Sport Center Calgary, seeing our wonderful Canadian athletes. She utilizes manual therapy including manipulation, GunnIMS, real time ultrasound muscle re-education, yoga and exercises to assist her clients.

Lorrie believes strongly in the role of education for clients and post graduate education for physiotherapists and medical physicians. She acts on this belief by being a physiotherapy mentor, educator and examiner for the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopaedic Division. She also teaches and mentors physiotherapists and medical physicians in GunnIMS assessment and treatment. She is involved in international standards of education for physiotherapists by being part of a committee of the International Federation of Orthopaedic Physiotherapists (IFOMPT) which is a subdivision of the World Congress of Physiotherapy (WCPT ) and therefore The World Health Organization (WHO).

Susan Massitti, MPhty, BScPT, BPE; Dip Manip PT, FCAMT, GIMS; Dip Sports Physiotherapy Canada; Certificate of Medical Acupuncture

Registered Physiotherapist – Calgary

Susan Massitti is an orthopaedic sports physical therapist whose expertise has helped Olympic and recreational athletes. Susan is dedicated to working together with her clients to achieve optimal health and performance within a team of professionals.

Susan teaches Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (GIMS) for over 10 years and continues to learn and be fascinated by the potential of Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation treatment to open the window of opportunity for clients to be symptom free and restore optimal function and movement.

Susan completed the Diploma in Advanced Orthopaedic Manual Physiotherapy; the Sports Physiotherapy Diploma as well has completed a Certificate in Medical Acupuncture. Susan pursued a Clinical Masters from the University of Queensland in Australia after she graduated from Uof A with both a Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy and a kinesiology degree from the University of Alberta Susan instructs the National Coach’s Institute Level 4 program and has taught post graduate physical therapy courses across Canada.

Susan competed as an athlete at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics in long track speed skating. Susan has worked at numerous international sporting events as a physical therapist with various sports, including six summer and Winter Olympics!

Cory Choma, BscPT, CGIMS Instructor, Bsc; CSA Physiotherapy, Associate Clinic Owner; Director of Chronic Pain Department; IMS Instructor iSTOP, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Registered Physiotherapist – Edmonton

Cory has been practising GunnIMS since 1998 in Edmonton Alberta Canada, where he is a partner in 2 practises that utilize GunnIMS as a sole and complete treatment option for neuropathic pain. He currently heads the chronic pain department at CSA South Edmonton. His practice includes athletic injuries and the treatment of persistent muscular and neuropathic conditions using Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS).

Cory has taught GunnIMS sessions in South America and Europe and has recently teamed up with Dr. Steve Goodman to contribute a chapter on GunnIMS for a needling textbook called ‘Trigger point dry needling’ by Dommerholt & Fernández-de-las-Peñas.

Cory also coaches pole vault out of the University of Alberta. He has taught IMS to physiotherapists and physicians around the world. Cory has been in practice since 1996.



Thomas Roundhill, BSc (PT), CGIMS, MCPA

Registered Physiotherapist  – Vancouver

Prior to completing his formal Physiotherapy training from UBC’s Faculty of Medicine in 1999, Thomas studied Kinesiology at the University of Victoria, and has since completed extensive professional education in the areas of manual therapy and orthopaedics through the Canadian Orthopaedic Division. Since graduating from Physiotherapy, Thomas has developed clinical experience and manual therapy skills from working with various populations in Australia, Victoria and throughout Greater Vancouver. He has worked with regional, national and Olympic level athletes, and has worked alongside industry leaders to acquire knowledge in the areas of lumbar-pelvic-hip pain, neuropathic pain, postural and movement dysfunction, thoracic mechanics, shoulder girdle dysfunction and core stability.

Thomas is the owner and clinical director of Physiotherapy at Hollyburn Country Club in West Vancouver, and Arbutus Physiotherapy and Wellness in Vancouver, where he manages a team of therapists and consults on a part-time basis. In 2006, he served as the clinical director for Synergy Physiotherapy in North Vancouver, working alongside internationally acclaimed Physiotherapy clinicians, researchers and instructors. Thomas has worked at the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain (UBC Gunn IMS), he is currently a consulting member of the IMS education committee, and clinical instructor within the Intramuscular Stimulation education curriculum. He is a member in good standing with the College of Physical Therapist of British Columbia, the Physiotherapy Association of BC, and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Gordon Bohlmann, BSc (PT), CGIMS, OMT, BSc HMS, Sports Science 

Registered Physiotherapist  – Vancouver

Gordon graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa with a BSc. in Physiotherapy in 2000. Prior to that time, he completed a BSc. in Human Movement Science and an Honours Degree in Sports Science. Since 2000 he has worked as a Physiotherapist in private practice, both in South Africa and Canada. He has completed post-graduate training in orthopedics (Diploma of Orthopedic Manipulative Therapy), sports injury management, Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), functional capacity evaluation, and has participated in numerous on-going education courses in manual and exercise based therapy.

Over the years Gordon has gained valuable experience working with many excellent Physiotherapists and clients, including national, international, Olympic and Para-Olympic level athletes. It is his comprehensive skill set in manual therapy, IMS and exercise based Physiotherapy that has shaped his clinical focus and to make him a great clinician and asset to the members of the Arbutus Club. Gordon is the owner and director of Marpole Physiotherapy Clinic in Vancouver, and co-owner of Arbutus Physiotherapy and Wellness, he is one of 8 national IMS clinical instructors, and has served as a member on the education committee at UBC Gunn IMS (Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain) for the past 6 years.